Self-Leveling Concrete & Industrial Floor Topping

Repair Uneven or Heavily Damaged Existing Concrete Floors While Increasing Their Thickness, Durability, and Appeal

If you’re current concrete floor is damaged or in need of a slope adjustment our self-leveling and industrial floor topping service can rectify both issues. Ideal for retail stores, office spaces, and restaurants, self-leveling concrete allows for any type of floor covering to be installed atop of it within 24 hours of completion. Or just leave it as is. Self-leveling floor toppings create a smooth, aesthetically sharp finish and come in a variety of different colours.

Self Leveling 1Self Leveling 2


Slab Work

Building Your Business with Straight Edge Concrete Takes it to Another Level

Whether you’re building a small business office, a giant equipment barn, or an industrial shop, the professionals at Straight Edge Concrete can execute quality slab work that takes your space to the next level. We can provide a smooth trowel, rough float, or broom finish, exposed aggregate, and staining. The quality of our work will last for years.



Demolition Experts Who Make the Debris Disappear

Are you renovating, or removing an unsightly structure and need to remove concrete? Our team will do your demolition and remove all the debris when we leave. Then you can envision what comes next for your space.



New Pads and Additions

The Professionals at Straight Edge Design Concrete That Complements Your Business’ Architecture

Are you looking for a distinctive concrete pad? Start with Straight Edge Concrete to create a great design. Whether for visitor parking or bistro tables outside your roadside business, we can plan the concrete to complement your business architecture.


Gas Station Pads

Before Installation of Specialized Concrete Pads, Usage and Safety are Seriously Considered to Provide the Best Quality

Installation of a gas station pad is done under careful consideration for safety. We use sturdy materials such as rebar to prevent concrete break-up from heavy fuel delivery vehicles. Give us a call for hassle-free quality work.



Straight Edge Concrete Will Pour a new Driveway with Minimal Inconvenience to Your Business

One of our specialties is driveway work. We use high-grade concrete for our quick installation to avoid inconvenience. Whatever the size, we can accommodate. Call us today for a free quote.

 Commercial Driveways



Adding Concrete Patios to Your Business Space Will Increase Customers and Sales

During the summer, business people will look for outdoor venues to catch some fresh air during their lunch break. Adding a stone or concrete patio and aesthetic finishing options allows you to accommodate this clientele and increase sales too. We can assist with both the design and installation.



Concrete Sawing can Prevent Frost Damage to Your Slab

Whatever your cutting needs, Straight Edge Concrete can help. Whether the cutting is for demolition or for prevention of frost cracks, we will provide the same quality work as in all our concrete services. Give us a call to assess your needs.


Concrete finishes

We Offer Numerous Finish Options to Enhance the Appearance of Your Project and Your Business

Whether your concrete projects are store front cobblestone, decking beside a hotel’s pool, or a slab foundation for picnic tables, we offer standard broom finish, exposed concrete, stamped concrete and various other options to increase the beauty of your business. We also resurface existing concrete.