Meet the Man Behind One of the Leading Concrete Companies in Calgary




Straight Edge Concrete has been operating since 2011. Owner Dillon Lacroix decided to start the company when he was expecting his first child, with the goal of providing a stable life for his yet to be born son. Starting with only himself, Dillon worked extremely hard to get Straight Edge off the ground and was successful in doing so after securing a contract with Kewltec Inc. from Okotoks, a client he still does work for. Shortly after that Straight Edge was hired by CF Construction Services Ltd. to carry out a significant project, and they also remain a customer to this day.


As Straight Edge picked up steam Dillon expanded the company by hiring his first few employees, and they now have up to six working at any given time. In just over seven years, Straight Edge has completed more than 2,500 jobs and managed 1.6 million square feet of concrete.

 Our Team

Some memorable projects Straight Edge has had the privilege of working on include the pillar restoration at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site near Longview, Alberta, the Prairie Winds Park redevelopment in the city’s northeast, and pouring concrete on the iconic Calgary Stampede grounds.


A lifelong learner, Straight Edge Owner Dillon Lacroix loves working with concrete due to its complexity and art-like nature. From perfecting the different mixes of concrete and concrete related products, to dreaming up new designs, Dillon’s passion shines through in his work time after time.